The world is suffering from mental illnesses due to the ongoing Coronavirus lockdown, NHS calls it the ‘Great Depression’!


Currently, there is no proper documentation to prove the reason for the increase in suicide rates in England. Many sources assume that the ongoing lockdown due to the Coronavirus is the reason for suicides. NHS England’s Mental health director, Claire Murdoch says, “there is zero evidence to back the fact that spike in self-harm is due to the lockdown.” But it is quite possible for people to dive into a deep depression in the ongoing pandemic. There is no record because after all, the dead don’t leave any evidence.

Murdoch talked to all of the Member of Parliaments through the Health & Social Care Committee. Claire says, “People are stressing over all sorts of things. The lockdown has had an adverse effect on everyone, especially the adults.”

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How did the Coronavirus Lockdown increase suicide rates

Suicide is always the last option left to mankind. Self-harm is not something this society talks about in the open. The hard times of the pandemic are testing everyone. People have no jobs, the source of income is nowhere. But on top of that expenses are increasing due to the onset of new diseases. People are panicking.

Some are begging for food, while others are helplessly trying to make ends meet. According to a few NHS officials, this depressing period may very well be known as the ‘Great Depression‘.

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Government officials are trying to boost the mental health of people by organizing camps. Hopefully, humanity will survive the pandemic. Let us know what you think can be the reason behind the increase in mental health issues this month in the comments below!

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