This is not a drill, ready your supercomputers, EA Games is back with Crysis and it is going to melt your CPU!


Can your PC run Crysis? This was a very common question among gamers back in 2007. Why you ask. Well, that was the year when Crytek first launched its debut-game ‘Crysis’. Since then, there was no looking back. Crysis was followed up with a well-made sequel in 2011, and another visually stunning sequel in 2013. Since then, there was no movement in the Crysis franchise, until recently.

Back in 2007 EA games got hold of a company named Crytek. Crytek was working on a new graphic engine named ‘Crytek Engine‘. The main motive for this engine was to let the players experience sandbox gaming with the most immersive visual experience possible. This meant melting CPU, like literally.

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Crysis: What is special about the game?

Back in 2007, when Crysis came out, it received a cult gaming status. It was not because of the story. It was not because of the game mechanics. But, it was all for graphics. Well truth be told, no one really understood the hype at that particular time.

Before I delve deep into the details lets talk about the Crytek sandbox environment for a moment. You see, Crysis was never intended to be a gaming mechanic masterpiece or a well-written script takeover. This does not mean it is a bad game. It is good in all of the above aspects, very good. But it is not the best.

Except for one domain. Crysis became the ‘benchmark game‘. The kind of game which pushes the industry to go bigger and faster. It took almost 2-3 years of innovation to come up with hardware that can run Crysis smoothly. This game changed the way the world looks at the GPU.

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The game heated up processors, like a bread toast. No amount of liquid cooling can save you. The same thing followed for a while in all its sequel till 2013. After that its a blank slate. People started getting into battle royale games, PUBG came out, and then there’s the regular dismay of Call of Duty.

But, finally, it seems like EA is back online. Crytek’s recent tweet teased Crysis. It read ‘RECEIVING DATA‘. If this does not send gamers around the world into a frenzy, then I do not know what will.

But, you need to be ready with the most advanced equipment to even play the game at 30-40 FPS. Forget about anything smoother than that for now. This game will melt CPU. What more can you expect!

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