Time travel machine of 2020! NASA presents you the most powerful Hubble Space Telescope

NASA Hubble telescope has been capturing gorgeous beauty in space for decades now and is almost a Time travel machine

The Hubble Space Telescope by NASA has almost become a Time Travel Machine for astrophysicists and scientists alike. Scientists first launched this in 1990 and since then throughout the last 30 years, this telescope has proved to be one of the biggest wonders made by mankind. Scientists and other researchers use nature’s most powerful telescope to go farther back in time to visit places where humans could not go.

In March 2002, the crew of the space shuttle Columbia first installed the Advanced Camera for Surveys (ACS), which has a wide field of view and captures sharp images along with enhanced sensitivity. ACS actually helped Hubble’s field of view which collected data 10 times faster than others.

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NASA’s very own Time travel Machine in 2020

Hubble first started capturing space images using the Hubble Telescope in the mid-90s where the images were eye-opening and the nebulas were something people never heard before. The Telescope has a Wide Field Camera 3 (WCF3) and the Cosmic Origins Spectrograph (COS) was installed by astronauts in the year 2009.

Hubble associated with nature’s own telescopes in order to form lensing galaxies which helps you see back in time. The lensing galaxies are so massive that it actually bends gravity and magnifies and distorts light from objects behind them. This phenomenon is actually called gravitational lensing.

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A lot of this actually helps NASA realize Einstein’s theory of General Relativity which says that space and time bend around objects. Galaxies are behind all these clusters which will appear brighter and larger than normal. Hubble space telescope is definitely NASA’s own Time Travel Machine and scientists use this meticulously to unravel mysteries of the deep space within. Hubble telescope is a lensing magnificence that might as well one day be efficient enough to completely prove Einstein’s theory of relativity.

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