Today is national “eat what you want” day! Follow these healthy eating habits that will help you prevent Coronavirus


Today, 11 May 2020 is celebrated as “eat what you want day” every year. People order all of their favorite foods this day and relish their delicacies. However, this year may be a bit different from others. A day when you can eat what you want is normally a cheat day in your diet plans. Every year people go bonkers and buy various kinds of foods which may not be otherwise healthy for them. In times of the coronavirus pandemic, people need to understand the effects of bad food habits.

Just because you can eat what you want, don’t go overboard. People are already in lockdown for months now. The food habit is not great as usual as a majority of the world’s population is reporting obesity. Panic buying and abnormal disruptions in the daily food supply means food is hard to find nowadays.

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While you want to eat good foods, keep in mind the necessity of having a healthy food habit. Here are a few tips to help you and your family with a healthy nutritious diet to support your development and growth during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Tips for eating healthy to prevent Coronavirus

  • Keep consuming fruits and vegetables daily

Storing, cooking, and purchasing fresh fruits and vegetables is a difficult task during a pandemic. But one must ensure that one gets the essential amount of vegetables and fruits in their diet. This helps boost your immunity to a certain extent. Get hold of fresh produce whenever possible, and help out your neighbors if they are not able to. We need to fight this battle as a unit in order to win it.

  • Use canned foods if fresh produce is not available

Fresh produce may not be always available in such tough times. But there are plenty of other healthy alternatives which will work just fine. Canned chickpeas and beans provide an abundance of nutrition to your diet. Canned oily fishes have omega 3 fatty acids which are very good for your heart. Also have plenty of dried beans, pulses, and lentils to supplement your diet.

  • Keep a stock of healthy snacks

Just having the main course every day is not an optimal solution. Keep a stock of healthy snacks along with yourself. Rather than consuming sweet and salty snacks every day, opt for healthier snacks. Have an abundance of nuts, cheese, boiled eggs, yogurt, dried fruits, or other available options.

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  • Limit intake of processed foods

Using fresh produce may not be always possible. But do not consume processed ready-to-eat meals, packaged snacks, and desserts that have high saturated fats. Also, try to avoid sugary drinks too much.

  • Turn cooking into a fun activity

Involve your family in all such activities and turn it into a regular fun task. This will encourage everyone to cook and eat healthy foods.

In the end, it may “eat all you want” day today, but do not eat the same. In these difficult times try to follow a few healthy habits, and you can have as many pizzas as you want once the lockdown is over.

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