Today is World Multiple Sclerosis day! Let us appreciate the brave people and the health care workers who deal with the disease on World MS Day

World MS Day
This World MS Day let us appreciate the health care workers who take care of all these brave patients all year round

World Multiple Sclerosis day is an annual event that takes place on May 30 every year. This event is a product of the MS International Foundation (MSIF). The entire day focusses on raising social awareness about the disease that affects millions all around the world. World MS Day is an initiative that helps connect almost 3 million people worldwide and help them live life to their fullest.

Multiple sclerosis is an immune system disorder. In this disease, the immune system inflames and attacks the brain cells’ outer covering, the myelin sheath. But the damaged and destroyed neurons don’t perish altogether. Though they are of no particular use, they still send partial signals to the brain. But some of them stop working altogether. Multiple sclerosis means multiple scars on the damaged tissues. Sclerosis stands for sclerenchyma cells.

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World MS Day: Tips for healthcare workers to treat multiple sclerosis

Friends and family members are the most important and usual caregivers of multiple sclerosis patients. If you know anyone who suffers from MS, you need to understand that it is an unpredictable situation. Anyone can suffer from this disease but there is no need to be worried about it.

You need to let the MS patients be independent

Many MS patients like to be independent even as the disease progresses. You need to know when to let them be and when to interfere. To help them, you can make certain changes in their home, like installing ramps for wheelchairs (if needed) and widening the doorways.

Learn about the treatment and know the experts

Read as much as you can and update yourself on the latest treatments and the right medicines that help manage the situation for people with mild MS. As MS worsens, patients are often taken off the disease-modifying therapies (DMTs) and it’s normal for you to feel helpless but now is the time to not give up. Work with physiotherapists to help them maintain their body movements and speak to their doctor about switching to devices like functional electrical stimulation

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Engage in a healthy lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle and diet along with the optimal amount of exercise will lead to managing the disease symptoms and slow down the progression of the disease. Support these people and help them fit into a healthy lifestyle.

Don’t try to take responsibility! Get help

Don’t try to take on all the responsibilities. Instead, find a way to split responsibilities with other family members or close friends so you get some time for self-care.

Overall, this world MS day treat all such people with love and respect and remember the struggles they go through every day. Let us know what you think of it in the comments section below!

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