Turn on your phones, Researchers use Mobile data to predict the spread of COVID-19!


Researchers from Yale University and Hong Kong, China came up with a new way to track Coronavirus patients. This new method helps in the rapid tracking of huge populations infected with Coronavirus. But this is not a result of rapid testing. Because the new method actually uses your mobile geolocation to track all potential COVID-19 cases.

The entire study, as discussed in the Nature Journal is available for reference online. This new simulation technique is different from any other conventional model. It’s because of the wide use of real-time data analysis and other big-data tools which makes it easier to analyze large datasets. For developing this scientific model the researchers made use of mobile geolocations to track almost 11 million cases of people using transit through Wuhan.

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Mobile data Analysis report for Coronavirus spread

The researchers found that the pattern of distribution in Wuhan matches with the predicted analysis of COVID-19 cases. Researchers also made a risk source model that shows population flow data to accurately forecast confirmed cases. It also identifies places at risk of high transmission rates after the pandemic’s early stages.

Predicted versus observed epidemic curves over time. (copyright: Nature) Our model aggregates population outflow from Wuhan from January 1 to 24, 2020 to provide a reference growth pattern (i.e. epidemic curves) for COVID-19’s spread. Differences in the predicted and confirmed growth in confirmed cases can signal higher levels of COVID-19 community transmission. Source: University of Hong Kong

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The new model is applicable for use with any dataset which accurately captures people’s movements. These include car tolling data or train ticketing data. Researchers note that policymakers worldwide can use it to inform efforts to contain the virus’ spread if data regarding population movements are available.

This new model will definitely help us predict the stages of Coronavirus spread better by using your mobile phones. Let us know what you think about this innovation in the comment section.

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