Twitter faces hefty fine as 8 unverified account data stolen by hackers

Twitter is guilty of not maintaining digital security as Feds charge fine because of Big accounts hacked

Twitter recently faced a major security breach which resulted in a lot of scams in a very small amount of time along with data theft. However, it turns out that none of the big accounts were completely hacked so the data of people like Barrack Obama, Elon Musk, Joe Biden, and Bill Gates are probably safe. The message and other personal data theft all occurred in 8 unverified accounts.

Twitter released an official blog post that addresses all of these issues along with the biggest security lapse in the company’s history. This attack led to an open phase hold of some of the high profile accounts on Twitter. Hackers exploited the PR connects of these accounts for running Bitcoin scams.

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Twitter faces a big charge for the biggest hack in history

The company has confirmed that these attackers may have indeed got hold of up to 8 unverified accounts and downloaded their personal information. This includes all private messages and other meta information like phone numbers, email addresses, and other details while targeting every such account. This was mainly because of the availability of the “Your Twitter Data archive in those accounts.

According to the tech giant, the hackers got hold of almost 130 accounts from where they triggered a password reset and logged in to tweet from almost 45 of them in order to run their Bitcoin scam. They tried downloading data from almost 8 unverified accounts. The company needs to work on its security issues.

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