UFO expert claims to find Alien Skull near NASA Rover on Mars

Alien Skull

Scott Waring, the founder of ET Database, reported sighting an alien skull in a photo captured by NASA. He has been reporting unusual sightings on the Red Planet for a long time now. A UFO expert has alleged that the spotted image is that of a fossilized skull. The photo is a piece of strong evidence that extraterrestrial beings once lived in the Red Planet.

Spotting UFOs and other such ET entities have been going on for a long time now. Somehow the government always emphasizes their non-existence. This time however officials have not spoken regarding this photo.

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The report is based on a photo captured using NASA’s ‘Curiosity’ rover while orbiting SOL 410. The photo, posted on NASA’s Midnight Planet website, showcases a close-up image of the soil on Mars. On further examination of the photo, Waring spotted an object similar to that of a skull. It has human-like features, but its rear end looks to be elongated. He claims the strange object seen at the center of the photo, lies around NASA’s rover – Curiosity.


Waring stated, “I found an alien skull in one of the Curiosity rover photos in SOL 410, the skull has lots of detail…you can even see two large teeth in its wide-open mouth. Its jaw and cheeks and eye ridges are well pronounced. The nose looks human-like, but wider and thicker on the top. The back of the head seems to have a part of the neck and head still attached to it.” The skull’s appearance makes it clear that it might not have died naturally. The picture depicts the skull’s mouth wide open. It might suggest that the organism died of pain and terror. Either way, it is absolute proof that aliens once lived on Mars.

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These findings further solidify the existence of Extraterrestrial beings in our universe. This finding shows the existence of an ancient alien race on Mars.

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