UK Doctor alerts Indians about not eating any spicy food, poor diet is the major cause for Coronavirus


The Coronavirus pandemic has many reasons which lead to fatality. But according to the new reports, most of the COVID-19 deaths are related to diabetic problems including high levels of obesity. According to the reports, people from India should follow a healthy diet plan. But this means they need to give up on cravings of processed foods. India has a high percentage of people who already suffer from diseases related to lifestyle.

Dr. Aseem Malhotra writes in his research about the specific health conditions of Indians and ties them to Coronavirus. Specific health ailments like Type 2 diabetes, heart diseases, as well as high levels of blood pressure puts you at great risk of death due to COVID-19. But the root cause of all these problems is excess of body fat. This is also the main reason why Western countries like the UK and the US have high death rates.

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Obesity and Coronavirus: The Relation

In reality, there is no such thing as a right or healthy weight. All that exists is a healthy person. When people follow healthy life patterns and maintain an all healthy metabolic lifestyle, people can become healthy in a matter of weeks. A person’s diet plays a major role in this system.

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The CDC recently released a research paper about patients going through Type 2 diabetes and their metabolism levels. The research shows that these individuals are at 10X greater risk than others in order to contract Coronavirus. Dr. Malhotra warns about the spicy food that Indians consume on a regular basis. Their dietary habits need to change in order to lead a healthy life, as well as be free from COVID-19.

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