USA plans to land the first woman on Moon by 2024 as all motors arrive today for the NASA Artemis mission

NASA gets ready to land the first woman in the world on the surface of the Moon as all rockets arrive space center.

Kathryn Lueders, the director of extraterrestrial human explorations, NASA, is currently preparing to land the first woman on Moon. This is the first time a female director lead will be taking major decisions for the United States. The upcoming Artemis mission of 2024 is already under the operations table. After the success of the historic “Launch America” event, NASA is currently targeting bigger challenges.

However, this new mission will also take help from private space organizations. This is mainly because the company recently announced its involvement with SpaceX and Blue Origin, an Amazon space company. The rocket booster segments that will help power NASA’s first Artemis flight test mission around the Moon arrived at the agency’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida. All of these 10 rocket segments which will help in the completion of SLS Rocket and Orion spacecraft, came via train from Utah.

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NASA Artemis 2024: Test flight for Space Launch System

The arrival of the booster segments at Kennedy is just the beginning of the SLS rocket’s journey to the pad. It is an onward process to send the Orion spacecraft to the Moon. NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine says, Artemis I will pave the way toward landing the first woman and the next man on the surface of the Moon in 2024. Moreover, this will help in expanding human exploration to Mars.

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The fully assembled boosters for NASA’s Space Launch System rocket are the largest, most powerful solid-propellant boosters ever built for flight, said Bruce Tiller, manager of the SLS Boosters Office at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama. However, these enormous rocket motors help provide the necessary launch power for the SLS deep-space rocket.

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But the solid rocket boosters are the first elements of the SLS rocket to be installed on the mobile launcher. The test launch will help determine a lot of factors. Because NASA will use their experience on Moon to take the next giant leap – sending astronauts to Mars.

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