Virgin Orbit tries to launch the first Launcher One rocket from an airplane today! Fails in the first attempt due to a first stage anomaly

Virgin Orbit
The modified Virgin aircraft took the rocket successfully into a higher atmosphere as the Launcher One rocket ignited its boosters from mid-air.

Virgin Orbit is a fairly new satellite launch company formed in 2017. The California based space tech organization recently made headlines while trying to launch a satellite using an airplane. However, the company failed to complete its promise. The company launched its innovative Launcher One rocket today in the skies above the Pacific Ocean. Virgin Orbit has a huge plus point because they were able to successfully complete all pre-launch procedures. The flight readings included a clean telemetry lock, a smooth pass across the race track, the captive carry flight out in the drop sight, and a clean release.

The modified Virgin aircraft took the rocket successfully into a higher atmosphere. The Launcher One rocket ignited its boosters from there. This is the first time the company attempted an in-air ignition. But due to an anomaly in the first stage of the flight, the mission safely terminated.

Virgin Orbit: Launcher One test flight fail

The Launcher One failure will help Virgin space corporation assess all the readings and come up with a solution. There was no casualty in the mission. The airplane, Cosmic Girl, safely landed all of the mission crew back to the Mojave Air and Space Port. However, the mission was not a total waste. In fact, it was a pretty big success if one considers the amount of test data they received. Also they successfully completed all of the pre-flight procedures. That is a pretty big accomplishment.

This is not the first time an orbit launch failed in its first attempt. Even SpaceX failed to launch the Falcon 9 in its first attempt. However, they were not successful in their second attempt too. It took Elon Musk 4 attempts before sending Falcon 9 to space successfully.

The company’s next rocket is in the final stages of integration at its Long Beach manufacturing facility, with a half-dozen other rockets for subsequent missions not far behind. Virgin Orbit’s decision to begin production of multiple rockets well in advance of this test flight will enable the team to progress to the next attempt at a significantly faster pace, shortly after making any necessary modifications to the launch system.

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