Was the Coronavirus already in Italy before January? Doctors report treating patients with influenza-like symptoms


In Italy, the first Coronavirus infections go back until January 2020. The researchers believe that the origin of COVID-19 in Italy may as well go back till December of 2019. Officially Italy began mass Coronavirus testing after identifying the first local COVID-19 case on February 21. The first case was identified in Condogno, a little town around the influential and wealthy Lombardy area.

Soon after this case, new infections and deaths started surging all around Italy. Scientists believe that the virus was here for a long time. It is quite possible for a weak strain of the virus to keep floating in the air. Moreover, most of the COVID-19 cases are asymptomatic carriers. But this what scares us the most. Because scientists believe that the virus may as well have the ability to mutate. One such report is under study by China and ECDC.

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How did the Coronavirus hide in plain sight?

The doctors discovered many Coronavirus infections around Lombardy, which suggests that the virus was spreading for a long time, before February 20. It can be January, but it can also go back till December 2019. Investigations suggest that the virus is a result of a group infestation and not a single person. Because a single variable cannot spread it like wildfire.

In Italy, many doctors saw an unusual rise in the number of pneumonia cases around the later part of December 2019. Around the early days of January 2020, many people visited doctors with influenza-like symptoms. The SARS-CoV-2 virus in its mild stages attacks the respiratory tracts.

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This might be the reason why people mistook mild cases of COVID-19 for pneumonia or influenza or maybe even the common cold.

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