Research shows Coronavirus may have been in the United States before it became a Pandemic


Research by the Department of Health of Santa Clara shows the first report of Coronavirus case is false. This is because the first Coronavirus death was on February 6, 2020. But this opposes an earlier report of February 17. This is almost 3 weeks before the death of people in Washington. According to the health officials of Santa Clara County, Washington was previously the starting point of the virus.

The individual is one of three people infected from COVID-19 in Santa Clara County. This is revealed by the clinical reports of post-mortem examinations and samples tested by the CDC. The other two passings occurred on Feb. 17 and March 6.

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Coronavirus silently spreading!

These three people passed on the infection at home when testing was accessible just through the CDC. The area’s health division said this on reporting the news. “Testing rules set by the CDC at the time limited to testing just people with a known travel history and who looked for clinical consideration for explicit side effects.”

The Bay Area county, which had revealed its first COVID-19 case on March 9, says it will probably identify more coronavirus cases as the testing proceeds.

The Coronavirus death on February 6, is the first international case of Coronavirus death out of China. This report came a week before the deaths of the Philippines. The number of COVID-19 cases was below 10 at the moment. Around 2 days before the Santa Clara death, the CDC issued guidelines on twitter to help take preventive measures.

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At the beginning of February, Coronavirus was still not a pandemic. Weeks later, the community spread started, and now the United States is in a terrible place regarding the disease.

Stay healthy! Stay safe from the Coronavirus!

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