Watch Live: The United States Space force along with ULA dedicates the latest launch of Atlas V Rocket to all COVID-19 patients, Boeing X-37 will carry out the launch!

Boeing X-37
The US Space Force is ready to launch Atlas V Rocket using the Boeing X-37

The US military is ready to launch a robotic X-37 plane for a secret mission today (Sunday, May 17, 2020). Given that weather permits, the Boeing X-37 rocket will lift off from the Atlas V rocket. The launch will take place from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida, USA. The lift-off is scheduled for 9:14 AM EDT (6:14 AM PDT).

The Space force official declares a few details about the mission named USSF-7. The spacecraft will pay respect to all COVID-19 patients and frontline workers who had to work in this pandemic. This journey to space will not only be a military mission, but also a humanitarian one. Air Force secretary, Barbara Barret believes that the American spirit drives people to motivate, innovate, and collaborate together in order to overcome adversities. The dedication of this mission to the people who keep fighting for us in this pandemic showcases the true strength of humanity.

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Boeing X-37: US Military secret mission and a tribute to frontline workers

The United States Space Force along with ULA sets a tagline, “America Strong” and emblazons it by the side of Atlas V rocket. There is a message present there too along with the tagline. The message reads “In memory of all the Coronavirus victims and a tribute to all frontline workers and first responders”.

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The Boeing X-37 rocket will be launching in between the COVID-19 pandemic because it will showcase the strong will of Americans. But, it does not end here. The US Space Force along with the United Launch Alliance salute all people serving in the frontlines during the Coronavirus pandemic. Space Force chief General John Raymond says they are proud to dedicate the launch of USSF-7 to the victims of COVID-19.

This is not the only space event that is taking place during the pandemic. SpaceX is also ready to launch its own Starship rocket in 2020. Let us know what you think about this space expedition in the comments section below!

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