What is next for NASA after the historic “Launch America” event? President Trump visits NASA Orion space center as they get ready for Moon mission

NASA Orion is ready for its test flight Artemis 1 Mission on 2023.

NASA is currently getting ready for its upcoming “Launch America” event for tomorrow’s launch. However, the space organization has a list of launch activities ready to go. NASA is currently working on their upcoming Artemis moon mission. Orion is the spacecraft that is going to deal with all manned mission to space. NASA Orion will also help astronauts test the flight’s deep-space rendezvous capabilities before the official launch in 2024.

The test flight will allow engineers and astronauts to evaluate the aircraft’s ability to approach another spacecraft. This will help in demonstrating the advanced flight set up before the official launch for the Artemis mission. Artemis 1 mission will be able to test the spacecraft’s ability to maneuver in close proximity to another object.

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NASA Orion: Artemis 1 mission of 2023

The lunar mission will be based on the success of Artemis mission 1 which will test all the flight capabilities of Orion spacecraft. NASA’s human space flight program begins this Saturday with the historic “Launch America” event. The United States President, Donald Trump, is supporting all such space exploration missions.

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The entire Orion mission will help astronauts understand how the spacecraft moves, and controls in close proximity regions. Lockheed Martin, the inventor of NASA Orion, says “It is a heavy-lift rocket which comprises of 4 leftover engines of previous missions”. This way there is no increase in space waste, and it becomes a win-win situation for all of us. Therefore, it is laudable to think that space exploration can continue renewable. The Artemis 1 mission is going to be launched in 2021. Recently NASA named a list of companies who are making payloads for the spacecraft.

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