WhatsApp will now allow you to stop receiving group notifications forever in Android phones

Tired of seeing those weird group notifications but WhatsApp will now let you mute them forever

Group notifications are always annoying when you keep receiving them constantly, however, WhatsApp now has a new feature for all of you. Android phones are soon about to receive an update which will let users mute Whatsapp groups forever. Normally the user is able to mute group notifications for a year at max which is a very negative point for user experience.

However, the Facebook-owned messaging app is developing a new feature that replaces the option of muting a group for one year with “Always”. This new feature will be a part of the newly launched WhatsApp beta for Android version The popular messaging app will now silent notifications from chats and groups until you actually change the settings to normal.

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WhatsApp lets you mute groups Forever

The android application had already given the option to users to silence their WhatsApp group for a maximum of one year but things got back to normal as soon as the tenure got over. However, this becomes a repetitive task for many users as annual muting means once the time is over the phone will be bombarded with many such notifications.

This new update helps add an important feature for people who are added to too many non-important groups, which they can neither leave nor delete. If they select the mute always option, they will never get notifications from the groups no matter what. However, users can access the group and check the chats but it will not be pestered with repeated and absolutely unwanted notifications throughout the day.

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The feature was spotted in the latest Android beta. Beta users can get the feature by simply updating their WhatsApp to the latest version on Play Store. However, if the option is not available on Play Store, you refresh it and then check on it after a few hours.

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