When will the coronavirus leave our earth? Positive reports are now increasing rapidly, As Global coronavirus cases crossed 5.4 million and 340,000 death

People wait to go out on the streets and continue daily life, but the Coronavirus pandemic does not seem to end

Many researchers believe the Coronavirus pandemic might not end soon. Generally, pandemics end in two types: medical and social. The medical end of a pandemic normally refers to the time when infection rate falls and the death rate becomes low. However, the social end of a pandemic happens, when people start coming out of the fear of an epidemic. The virus has already taken the lives of almost 340,000 people and infected about 5 million people worldwide.

If someone asks “When will the COVID-19 pandemic end?” they are actually asking about the social ending. The fear of the unknown, that is something rooted deep inside the minds of humans, regarding Coronavirus. If you all have been following news, then you will see the news about the end of COVID-19 is led by sociopolitical personalities, not medical professionals or public health authorities.

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Coronavirus: The new Black Death

Even if you don’t agree with this, it is the reality. Coronavirus is about to become the new black death in the 21st century. People never thought that they will have to deal with such diseases for years. But now that it is here, we have no idea about how to destroy it. In the last 2000 years, the Bubonic plague killed millions of people. The incident changed the course of history back then.

The pandemic ended after almost 1000 years, but the disease recurred. The same will happen with Coronavirus. Many researchers believe that Coronavirus will have no vaccine, while some others try to find out one. To date, most epidemics have no vaccines, just like dengue, HIV, AIDS, cancer, etc.

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Even in this darkness, there is a little bit of hope if we are to follow history. The smallpox pandemic actually successfully ended after a ravishing run for 3000 years. While it lasted the virus killed millions of people just like the COVID-19 pandemic. The last person to contract the smallpox virus was Ali Maow, a cook from Somalia, in 1977. He died a peaceful death in 2013.

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