Why did the Coronavirus deaths fall by 30,000 in US suddenly? CDC is changing Coronavirus deaths at random without any proper explanation


The Coronavirus pandemic is very dangerous as it is. But what is even more dangerous is the possibility that the Government is conspiring a plan against you. Such is the alleged news about the new incidents regarding the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The organization is facing public accusations due to manipulating Coronavirus statistics. On May 2, the organization last reported a death count of 64,000 people in the US before the allegations started.

According to sources for a short amount of time, the website made 30,000 deaths disappear from the website. The data disappeared “out in thin air” proving a conspiracy true. Further, there is official information archived here, which shows that the fall in data is not some sort of a hacking incident. Many posts on the social media platform started showing concern about this incident.

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How did the Coronavirus death cases fall

Apparently the CDC claims this to be a server and manual error simultaneously. CDC explains that death cannot be registered due to the lack of paperwork present at the instant. There needs to be a death certificate ready stating Coronavirus as the cause of death in order to count them as a victim of COVID-19.

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Now the real question is why will CDC count them in, in the 1st place? Also, how can 30,000 people’s paperwork go missing all at once, and no one seems to be bothered? All of these statements go unanswered, as CDC tries to save itself from the wrath of social media.

The point is the website currently shows the correct data, which goes in accordance with the data present on the website of JHU. Let us know about your opinion on this conspiracy in the comment box below!

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