Why is the COVID-19 research getting delayed? Hackers are stealing Coronavirus research data!


The UK National Cyber Security Center warns Coronavirus related healthcare systems worldwide about the constant cyber attacks going on. The US Department of Homeland Security suspects state-funded hackers are trying to do this. The cybersecurity department, however, has no particular proof to explain the reason behind this.

APT (Advanced Persistent Threat) groups are elite hacking societies which are normally state-funded. These people are actually trying to leak data in order to slow down the race for a cure. Cyber attacks related to Coronavirus research are useful for many purposes. It obviously helps pull out any medical competition. Also, some officials suggest that hackers may even sell the data to the highest bidder. Official reports suggest that many dark web sites are selling illegal medical research documents. It is will not be a wonder if one of them is a COVID-19 research file.

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How do the hackers affect Coronavirus research

The international supply chains are the entry point for attackers. However, data theft is not the only point of concern here. Many cases of ‘password spraying’ campaigns are going around. Hackers are taking control of your VPN’s and manipulating your system files. They may not get direct access, but sending phishing links is equally bad. The Citrix vulnerability is something that all nation-state hackers exploit freely.

You need to protect accounts from these password spraying attacks. The NCSC recommends the use of a more strong password. Also, it is a healthy practice to change your password every 7th day.

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More advanced VPN technology attacks may do some damage but nothing irreparable. Also, try to introduce a multi-factor authentication system which is very common for security purposes nowadays.

However, attacks can still break into your system. For maximum protection use a server jump mechanism. Overlap multiple VPN network servers. This way the hackers will go through multiple timeout barriers. Finally, they cannot reach your files.

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