Why monkeys eating surgical gloves and stealing Coronavirus blood samples in India?

Monkeys try eating surgical gloves in a city hospital in Meerut as authorities catch them while stealing coronavirus blood samples.

The year 2020 is getting worse every day. If the coronavirus pandemic was not enough, now we have to see the ‘Rise of the Planet of the Apes’ for real. Monkeys do many things that make people upset more often than not. But never in the history of the world, did a monkey try to invade a medical research center. It seems to be just out of the movies. It is hard to believe that monkeys are more interested in devouring surgical gloves.

A troop of monkeys attacked a medical center at a state-run medical college in Meerut. The attack took place when the lab technician went out on a break to walk on the campus. The group of monkeys tried eating a few surgical gloves before running with blood samples of 4 COVID-19 patients undergoing treatment.

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Monkeys steal Coronavirus sample

The monkeys stole the four COVID-19 samples from patients undergoing treatment. However, the motive behind this theft is not really clear. Authorities still say that the monkeys have not spilled a single drop of blood anywhere in the streets. But people living in the leafy areas of the town fear further spread of the virus if the monkeys carry the samples there. Research has already shown that coronavirus can jump from animals to humans.

Moreover, it is important to note if the monkeys themselves will remain safe or not. Many research shows that monkeys are not safe from the virus. In fact, there is a DNA vaccine out in order to help vaccinate Rhesus monkeys.

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An inquiry about the monkey incident is currently underway. Authorities with the medical college have asked the technician to explain in writing how he was overpowered by a monkey and why he responded to the theft by filming the thief rather than immediately notifying hospital officials.

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