COVID-19: Will BCG Vaccine help fight COVID-19? Australia to trial on Health Workers


COVID-19 Vaccine: BCG Vaccine for Coronavirus

Scientists in Australia are rapidly testing BCG vaccines on Health workers to prevent COVID-19 infections. BCG vaccine is normally used against Tuberculosis.

The researchers at the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute in Melbourne are conducting the trial. BCG vaccine is administered to 4,000 health workers in hospitals around Australia. This helps determine its effect on reducing COVID-19 symptoms. Although originally BCG fights TB, it also helps improve the body’s immune system. It boosts the ‘human frontline’ immunity. This helps reduce the effect of coronavirus in certain cases.

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Lead researcher Nigel Curtis hopes to see an improvement in COVID cases by administering BCG Vaccines. 4,000 health workers will enroll this week for the human trials. He says, ” The danger clock is ticking”.

Netherlands, United Kingdom, and Germany are also conducting several human trials. The trials will allow rapid advancement in the health care frontiers. Several scientists hope to improve humans ‘innate’ immunity. Though, it is not a quick fix. But it is still buying time for the discovery of the vaccine.

BCG originally used to treat Tuberculosis, saved millions of lives against Leprosy. Doctors have seen slight improvement on their test subjects. This makes them believe in BCG’s fight against COVID-19.

Currently, the global reports show 600,000 individuals affected by Coronavirus. Around 3,0000 are dead. But, this Research study gives us hope to fight against this deadly pandemic.

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People around the world should stay indoors. Self-quarantine is still the best way to stay clear of COVID-19.

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