Will China not give up? Coronavirus is just the beginning, says Chinese ‘Batwoman’! Researchers warn about several pandemics on the rise

Shi Zengli, the Batwoman of China, suggests unified international relations in order to defeat the ongoing pandemic

The Coronavirus pandemic is spreading like wildfire all around the world. The deadly virus has already infected near about 6 million people worldwide and killing around 350,000 people. However, the COVID-19 pandemic is not the only global epidemic we need to look out for. It seems like China is not giving up the cards of bio-attack so soon. A famous Chinese virologist, known as ‘Batwoman’ recently said that the public is not safe from the wrath of China. The Coronavirus is just the beginning of the plot. It is just the ‘tip’ of the iceberg.

Shi Zengli, a well known Chinese virologist, says that the SARS-CoV-2 virus is not the only Chinese pandemic that we will see. The main concern for this is the failure to identify the source of the virus. However, she says that international unity is important in such disturbing times. Recently a new strain of coronavirus, COVID-20, came under the spotlight in China.

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China: The storehouse for pandemics

According to most sources consuming infected animals is the main source behind the start of any pandemic. But even though the wet market was the main reason behind the COVID-19 pandemic, the Chinese government reopened it a few weeks later. Scientists need to first identify all the unknown viruses hidden inside animals and then isolate those species. This will automatically mean that people won’t be able to consume them.

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It is very sad to see how science is getting politicized every day. The government is now trying to hide information from researchers. This needs to stop, because if the authorities are not transparent then there will be no cure. The world needs saving at this moment but it is the researchers who can save us, not the government.

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