Will NASA succeed in its next project for Mars Colonization? Researchers say it is impossible for humans to colonize Mars without altering DNA

NASA plans to start a colony of humans on Mars after the launch of NASA Artemis. Genetic Engineering will lead the way

According to many research studies, Genetic engineering will be the future of the Mars mission. The upcoming 2024 Moon launch NASA Artemis is not only about the visit to Moon. After successful results from the mission, NASA is planning to visit Mars. This will help them understand the terrain before they start the whole colonization procedure. Recent findings using the NASA Curiosity rover found the presence of water on the Red Planet.

Full-fledged crew missions to Mars will start from the beginning of 2030. But this will be tough for astronauts, as they will be exposed to extremes of conditions including microgravity on bones, high radiation loads, and other hazards for a long time. But all of these people will return to healthy conditions once they come back to Earth. The problem starts with the ones who wish to stay on the Red Planet.

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Genetic Engineering: Colonizing Mars

If people are looking towards a future where they can settle on Mars, they need to address a few issues about their bodies. This is because we need to tweak our DNA a little bit in order to stay healthy in Mars. Apparently our body is designed from birth to live in a habitat similar to that of Earth.

The extreme conditions of the Red Planet are too much for our natural body to survive in forever. However, this is where genetic engineering comes in. According to the latest Webinar from Kennda Lynch, an astrobiologist, genetic engineering will help us colonize Mars without any hassle. The study called “Alienating Mars: Challenges of Space Colonization” discusses the endless possibilities our human bodies can reach with a small tweak in our DNA.

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But, in the end humanity will follow the example of NASA. So, one must see what decision the space organization takes to address this issue. Let us know what you think of this in the comments section below and one more thing, I am proud to announce that Sciencenews18 is now available on telegram, join Us quickly for the latest interesting news like this!!

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