Internet Coronavirus

Will the Internet end up being the next victim of Coronavirus?

Internet Coronavirus

With global lockdown procedures active, billions of people are staying at home. This means there is a major data surge going on for the large telecom houses. Everyone’s at home studying online, streaming movies, working remotely and doing various other work that utilizes a lot of data. Even though experts claim that the Internet crash might be an overreaction, the EU took the same very seriously.

Streaming giants like Google, Amazon, and Netflix have already restricted HD streaming to reduce data usage across Europe. Even though the Coronavirus originated in China, it shifted its epicenter to Europe nowadays. Italy has seen the worst of it, with Spain and France all suffering a strong effect on the pandemic. The immediate response of the government was lockdown, which led to everyone staying at home. This, in turn, led to a tremendous spike in data usage. European Telecom giants like Deutsche Telekom and Vodafone raised the alarm first, to which the EU reacted.

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Video Streaming giants have stopped providing HD streaming, and now people can see only Standard Definition or SD quality videos. This is because 1 hour of HD video in Netflix burns 3GB of data, while the same in SD quality utilize 1GB. Netflix has reduced their bitrates. Even tech giant Google has started to reduce bitrate on Youtube, where an estimated one billion hours of content is being watched every day.

Following the tragic events of the Coronavirus pandemic, streaming giant Disney postponed the launch of its streaming services, Disney+ in France. Even Apple has reduced the video streaming quality of Apple TV Plus across European nations.

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