Will we not get a Coronavirus vaccine soon? Indian mutation type can destroy current vaccine research!


Scientists and researchers all across the world are currently doing everything possible to find a cure for Coronavirus. But, a patient from India revealed a strain of the virus that can literally throw away all research. Researchers from Australia and Taiwan say if this strain of the virus mutation grows, then all research will stand void and useless. Because the new strain of the mutated virus does not follow the rule of SARS infection.

Till now, scientists keep targetting the method of Severe acute respiratory syndrome to tackle Coronavirus. To be clear the change actually takes place in the spike protein that binds the viral RNA to proteins. The Coronavirus targets the cells containing the ACE2 enzyme. This helps spread any SARS disease without difficulty.

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How is this Coronavirus mutation different?

Scientists have by now discovered all about the receptor cells. Based on these findings search for an antidote is going on. But this recent structural mutation can actually throw away all research.

Researchers from Murdoch University, Australia say that this mutation strain from India is the first complete Coronavirus mutation reported. This suggests that SARS-CoV-2 mutation varies epitope constantly. This can potentially mean that all hope for an antidote is gone, for now at least. This study is peer-reviewed by Biorvix.

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The mutated strain is a case from Kerala, India. It was first investigated by the National Institute of Virology. The full genome sequence is now available after 2 months. This is a big delay in the process. It raises some fair questions about the health infrastructure of India.

But, even after this problem scientists hope to find a cure soon. But, it is just that the cure needs to be global. A global antidote will cure all sorts of Coronavius mutations.

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