Will your Mobile Application prevent Coronavirus? During lockdown this Contact tracking app to help you stay home!


Identifying everyone affected with Coronavirus is a difficult task. All Europen telecommunication companies have co-ordinated to form a mobile application that tracks potential Coronavirus cases. The name of the application is PEP-Pt, short for Pan European Privacy-Preserving Proximity Tracing. This helps intrude the chain of infection at a cost of privacy.

Contact Tracing ” refers to 24/7 virtual tracking of individual contacts. This will help break the infection chain of the virus. Because we will know exactly who came to contact with whom. This will also help quarantine the suspects. But all of these things come at a price.

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Now, IT experts warn of impending doom. But, time is money. So even after protests against the application developers for privacy theft, the government went ahead with the plan.

But there is an even bigger problem according to the computer expert Volker Birk. The founder of software encrypted application ‘Pretty Easy Privacy‘ says there is no way for the app to be publicly and politically right at the same instance.

How does the App help prevent Coronavirus?

The app is not a forcible inclusion against your privacy. The App will be voluntary and complete transparency will be maintained. App usage is very simple and clear. In layman’s terms, a COVID-19 infected person will report to the Contact Tracing App. The Bluetooth communication will then help recover the contacts with which the patient came into physical contact in the last 3 weeks in the vicinity. All of these individuals will then get an alert message to go in a self-quarantine period.

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This way, hopefully, the infection chain will break. The success rate lies in multiple factors here. The infection rate must slow down and then the user base should be big enough to manage everything from the base station.

This will help overcome the COVID-19 pandemic.

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