Windows 10 Update: You computer may not be eligible for the latest Window 10 2020 May Update, see how to check your device eligibility

Windows 10 update
The new Windows 10 2020 update is a professional feature update from Microsoft for your operating system

Are you waiting eagerly for the new Microsoft Windows 10 update? It turns out Microsoft is about to launch the May 2020 update very soon. The Windows 10 v2004 update is going to be a feature update as compared to the previous bug update. Every year Microsoft releases 2 updates, more or less, for windows. This year, however, the Windows 20H2 update turned out to be a big flaw for the company, as it did not address any issues.

But the new Windows 10 May 2020 update takes care of that situation. But, as usual, the update will not be easy to acquire. This is mainly due to the reason that Microsoft has this staggering update flow program planned in order to cater to all its users timely. This process also helps keep up with the new bug issues, vulnerability scans, and thus come up with fixed patches. This is the reason why everyone will not be able to download the new v2004 Windows 10.

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Are you eligible for the new Windows 10 update

The process to update the Windows operating system has always been too easy for Microsoft users. All that you needed to do was click on “Check for updates” and there it was. There was no constructive feedback left.

The new feature update does not let you down hanging. If the update is available for you you will be ready to download it. If not there will be a popup message telling you when you can receive the same update. To see if your machine is eligible or not to receive the update, just go to settings and then click on “check for updates”.

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The new Windows 10 May 2020 version is a feature update. Therefore if you want, you can download the same forcibly using a Microsoft media tools creation setup. However, this process is not recommended as it can cause your machine harm.

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