This World Emoji Day 2020 learn to make exciting new stickers for yourself

World Emoji Day
World Emoji Day 2020! What are you waiting for, learn to make stickers

World Emoji Day is celebrated on July 17, 2020, every year. Many people will agree that these emoticons have become an essential part of everyday life and also add value to everyday digital conversations. TV personality and a professional artist from our olden days, Rob is back with a unique DIY to honor this fun event for this year.

Every year, people across the globe celebrate World Emoji Day (July 17) in a unique way. This year is no exception as social media users have come up with an unusual way to celebrate the event. Netizens across the globe have shared their favorite emojis with pictures of their favorite actors giving expressions.

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World Emoji Day 2020:

As per a report published by the news daily, more than 110 new emojis will be added in the year 2020. The list includes bubble tea, bottle-feeding parents, gender-neutral characters, new animals, and the transgender flag. As of March 2020, there were a reported 3,304 emojis in the Unicode Standard and the most popular ones among them are tears of joy, red heart, heart eyes, fire, and thumbs up.

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As per reports, more than 90% of all Internet users use emojis at the time of texting and more than 500 billion emojis are sent and exchanged each day. If the reports are to be believed, the Tech giant Apple has also announced 70 new emojis this year for iPhones, iPads, Apple Watch, and will also include emojis for people with red hair, grey hair, and curly hair. World Emoji Day is celebrated every year on this day and people create funky stickers all over the year.

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