World is in danger! Coronavirus death toll reaches 500,000 mark, as Coronavirus cases reach 10-million today

Coronavirus cases
Coronavirus has currently resulted in 10 million cases along with half a million deaths

The world is facing a widespread pandemic right now. The situation only worsens every day. Europe currently remains the hardest hit continent in the entire world with almost 2,637,546 cases including 195,975 deaths. The number of Coronavirus cases in the United States is the highest among all countries with a total reaching 2,510,323 including almost 125,539 deaths.

Global infections keep on rising due to the novel coronavirus even during the ongoing lockdown protocols. Today the Coronavirus cases reach an all-time high of 10 million. The worldwide massacre began in China almost 6 months back which takes the number all the way up to 500,000 today. The world has almost half a million dead people right now only due to Coronavirus.

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Coronavirus cases reach 10 million as death crosses half a million

In the United States, the hardest-hit country by Coronavirus, cases have reached almost 2.5 million. The country is currently trying to overcome the pandemic and reopen the world’s economic powerhouse. However, there is a new set back by a jump in new infections in states such as Florida.

China on Sunday imposed a strict lockdown on nearly half a million people in a province surrounding Beijing to contain a fresh coronavirus cluster. The tension between reopening battered economies, efforts pushed in the US by President Donald Trump, and public health is a source of debate in nearly every country.

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On Saturday, June 29, 2020, alone the US recorded more than 43,000 new cases, according to a tally by Johns Hopkins University. US deaths now exceed 125,000, approximately one-quarter of the world total of almost 499,000 Coronavirus cases of death.

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