Xiaomi joins hands with Samsung, plans to launch the World’s first 150 Megapixel Camera soon


In the current flagship smartphone industry, Samsung is the only company producing 100+ megapixel cameras. But being the only vendor in high-resolution optical sensors, Samsung has joined hands with Xiaomi.

This will help them deliver the world’s first 150-megapixel camera. The sensor is under development and is massive with respect to other sensors. This is because it is 1″ in size as compared to the previous 1/1.3″ ISOCELL HMX 108MP sensor. ISOCELL Bright HMX was the first to deliver a 108MP camera to the world.

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Xiaomi explains how the 150 Megapixel camera work

According to community reports the new sensor will also be bigger than the 1/1.2″ sensor used by the Nokia 808 Pure View. The sensor will come with the previously tested nona bining technology. This is the same tech used in Samsung Galaxy 20 Ultra. This involves 9 camera sensors each of 12 megapixels. The new ISOCELL 150 megapixel camera will introduce nona+1 bining. This is basically 9 sensors with a resolution of 16 megapixels each, along with an angle view sensor of 6 megapixels.

The nine pixels combining into one culminates in a much higher percentage of light absorption.  According to reports, Samsung has already tested the 150-megapixel camera in its research and development labs in South Korea.

This is not the first case of Samsung joining hands with Xiaomi. Throughout all technical advancements, both have joined hands to give a stunning performance. Samsung helped Xiaomi build its first 108-megapixel camera for Mi Note 10. However, since then high-resolution cameras became a norm for the smartphone industry.

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Samsung is currently busy making the world’s first camera that is clearer than your eye. The 600 MP camera is on a list of innovations kept by Samsung head, Yongin Park.

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