You are not safe even while wearing face masks! Research shows virus will spread even if you all are 4 feet apart

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Wear your face masks in order to stay safe and keep others safe from spreading the disease even while maintaining social distancing

Coronavirus pandemic is spreading fast like wildfire all around the world. The disease is normally spread by direct human transmission. However, new studies show something very different. Research shows that you are not safe from the deadly pandemic even while wearing face masks. The research, Physics of Fluids, states that face coverings alone do not prevent droplets of fluid that are projected by a cough.

These are the same researchers who previously proved that droplets of saliva can travel 18 feet in five seconds. If an unmasked person coughs, so face masks are important. However, repeated coughs are likely to reduce their effectiveness, the experts found in the new study, using computer models.

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Coronavirus can spread through face masks

Dimitris Drikakis, the study co-author and University of Nicosia professor, says that the use of a mask will not provide complete protection. Therefore, social distancing remains essential. However, the amount of distance or the measure of it needs revision. This is mainly because air particles can spread for 4 feet in the air even while wearing face masks.

Research shows that when a person has a coughing fit, many droplets penetrate the mask shield, and some saliva droplet disease-carrier particles can travel more than 1.2 meters (4 feet). The droplet sizes change and fluctuate continuously during cough cycles as a result of several interactions with the mask and face. Therefore, it is always better to take steps for prevention rather than scavenging for a cure.

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