You can help Researcher to find Coronavirus Vaccine but how?

You can help Researcher to find Coronavirus vaccine

While you continue to work from home, researchers and scientists all around the world are looking for a cure. They are looking for a potential drug match, a cure or a Coronavirus vaccine to help overcome the Corona (COVID-19) pandemic. The best way to stay clear of the virus is still considered to be Self-isolation.


How you can help fight Coronavirus?

Folding@Home has found another way to help battle the virus without going out of your shelter. Folding@Home is basically a distributed computing project where you can register and enable your own device. Once initialized the user can give it admin rights to work in the background. It helps compile a distributed computing environment. When your CPU is not being used actively, its processor and graphic rendering powers are used to process algorithms hosted on cloud servers. This way we can provide researchers with more firepower to find out a cure. It helps run robust algorithms that might determine the COVID-19 vaccine.

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Folding@Home has seen an exciting amount of response globally. People are fighting positively to help provide more and more system resources. Reputed technology publications Tom’s Hardware and AnandTech are challenging each other to find out who can contribute more. Machine learning and scraping through large amounts of databases is going to help in this battle. Databases are keeping a record of all coronavirus related work.  All of these tasks require a lot of system resources. Parallel Computing is also supposed to help in this domain.

The US space organization, NASA, is also participating in the global coronavirus battle. They are utilizing their supercomputers to help analyze the virus statistics. It is not only about doctors and medical researchers anymore. The world needs you. Stay home, stay safe, and contribute as much as you can to the global COVID-19 battle

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