You don’t need any vaccine to cure Coronavirus! Research says your body can produce an antibody and kill COVID-19


Almost everyone who recovers from COVID-19 develops the antibodies within a few weeks. Researchers from China discover that majority of the patients have a certain protein in their bodies. However, the body uses this protein to fight the Coronavirus. This also shows that a simple finger prick antibody blood test is effective to show if someone has Coronavirus or not. Scientists from Chongqing Medical University confirmed the result after analyzing almost 250 blood samples.

Human bodies produce two kinds of antibodies in order to fight infections. They are Immunoglobulin M (IgM) and Immunoglobulin G (IgG). These antibodies are the key elements in your body that help you fight any and all diseases.

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Antibody that helps develop immunity against Coronavirus

The IgM antibodies are the first to develop as soon as your body is exposed to a disease or an infection. They produce a short burst of protection, but they fade away with the passage of time. However, the IgG antibody takes much more time to develop and is very useful for longterm protection. Almost 95% of the Coronavirus patients that the scientists found had the antibodies in their bloodstream.

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Within the first week of the infection, almost 35% of the patients produced IgM antibodies. As time went by the numbers only grew. By the end of the second week, almost 95% of the test population had the antibody. During this period, a few patients started producing healthy amounts of IgG antibodies too.

After 20 days almost all of the patients produced IgG antibodies except for two patients. It is seen that the majority of the people who receive proper symptomatic treatment along with a nutritious diet survive the COVID-19 pandemic. It is very important to provide your body with the ability to produce antibodies.

Till the time we don’t have a vaccine, antibody treatment seems to be a good alternative. Let us know what you think in the comments section below!

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