You don’t need to add contacts on WhatsApp by typing in numbers anymore! With this new update, WhatsApp will now allow you to add contacts by scanning QR codes Only

The latest update from WhatsApp will allow all users to scan a QR code and add their contacts.

WhatsApp is currently testing a brand new feature in its Beta version. The latest update will allow all users to scan a QR code and add their contacts. This will help you get rid of the hassle for adding numbers by typing in 10 digits. The new option will be available in the app’s settings menu, where you will find an option to find your own QR code as well as scan multiple others.

This QR code also provides user security, i.e. if you share it with someone you don’t want to, you can revoke the code. The popular messaging app is launching interesting updates one after another. This update comes right after the integration of Messenger rooms with WhatsApp Web.

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WhatsApp Beta: QR code contact transfer

Even though it might seem to be a minor feature, it is the most important update for the app. Adding contacts by typing numbers can be a time-consuming task for all of us. Right now, you have to type in names, numbers, and save it as a contact in your phone, before you can add it to WhatsApp. But the new QR code update actually helps reduce all these steps. Especially if you are with the person. Instead of asking and writing down their number, you can now scan the QR code to add it to your phone.

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The entire process is online, and there is no need for any overheads. The feature is currently available only in the Beta version. However, the new features will be available in the main app very soon. You can download the beta version from here. Let us know what you think of it in the comments section below and I am proud to announce that Sciencenews18 is now available on telegram, join Us quickly for the latest interesting news like this!

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