You may stay in a hotel in Moon, as NASA gives $147 million to Northern Grumman to build a lunar hotel for next Moon mission in 2024

lunar hotel
NASA prepares to contract another private space agency for its new ‘Moon Hotel’ as HALO gateway will be part of Artemis 2024 mission

NASA is currently preparing for the upcoming missions of the Commercial Crew Programme after the success of “Launch America“. However, just like the previous mission, the company will once again take the help of a private space organization. Previously used the Falcon-9 rocket from SpaceX to complete the historic mission. Elon Musk helped carry two astronauts to the ISS onboard the Crew Dragon Capsule. Similarly, a new deal between NASA and Northern Grumman links to the possibility of making a lunar hotel.

Northern Grumman recently received funds worth $147 million in order to complete the deed by 2024. The private space organization will be developing a HALO for NASA’s Gateway space mission. The Gateway mission of 2023 will act as a predecessor to the Artemis mission of 2024.

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NASA HALO: A Lunar Hotel for Astronauts

The upcoming gateway is going to be a crucial part of the Artemis architecture. The addition of habitation and logistics outpost (HALO) will help improve the plans for further human space exploration in Moon. This will also help prepare for future human missions to Mars.

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HALO is the lunar hotel which is going to be equal to the size of a small studio apartment. The hotel has the plan to host astronauts on their way to or from Moon. The space organization, Northern Grumman does not have enough time to rest now. The company needs to develop the lunar hotel and the gateway’s power and propulsion element (PPE) by 2023.

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