You need a strong antibody immune system in order to fight Coronavirus, WHO report shows ways to improve immunity


Current research statistics show a very bad record for the pandemic acceleration in America. Coronavirus antibody vaccines are still under test conditions. But according to rumors, the United States might as well see over 100 million cases bu the time the vaccine launches. Obviously people try to avoid the COVID-19 injection at all costs. But as the infection rate becomes higher and higher, it becomes difficult to avoid virus contraction. In the end, the infection becomes inevitable. In these tense conditions, strengthening your immune system should be of utmost priority according to a few researchers.

It is a true fact that a strong unbreakable immune system will help fight all kinds of diseases, including influenza, diphtheria, tetanus, as well as Coronavirus. Researchers from Harvard University released a study along with WHO to discuss how to increase your immunity power. The points are pretty simple and should be followed as an example of a good and healthy lifestyle. You should have at least 8 hours of sleep daily, consume nutritious food, drink lots of water, and most importantly make a habit of exercise. 

Adapting such healthier habits is a very good idea but the real question is whether these habits will boost your immunity? Well, according to an immunologist researcher in Mayo Clinic, it is a very good way to improve your immunity. A control experiment is 2 people with the same virus exposure. But one of them is following a healthy lifestyle. Chances are that he will not even suffer from the symptoms.

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Coronavirus: How does antibody help improve immunity?

Our immune system is designed in such a way that it really helps to react to any foreign body. The antibodies come into action as soon as a foreign particle enters our system. Low-stress levels and healthy diet help to improve our antibody-based immune system. These actually help decrease chronic inflammations and help operate cortisol levels in our bodies. In terms of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, our bodies react to it based on our immunity powers. 

The Coronavirus actually attacks the respiratory tract and begins inflammation in the cardiovascular area. Anyone with previous heart conditions or lung disease fall into the chronic stages of COVID-19.

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Follow the steps and please maintain a healthy lifestyle to boost your immunity and stay clear of Coronavirus!

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