You will be infected by the Coronavirus if you suffer from hypertension and high blood pressure, Say researchers!


The Coronavirus pandemic is currently destroying civilizations as we speak. Research shows, people suffering from hypertension and high blood pressure are more susceptible to the virus. But, on contracting an unusual viral disease you need your heart to pump more blood. But this becomes, kind of impossible for Coronavirus patients with high blood pressure.

Dr. Maria Carolina, assistant professor at Miller School of Medicine, Miami University, says ” People with hypertension already have a risk in their body. On contracting COVID-19, health will deteriorate farther due to the poor condition of the heart.

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The report released by CDC shows almost 9% of the COVID-19 cases suffer from high blood pressure and hypertension.

How to keep hypertension under control?

High blood pressure affects almost 50% of America’s population. Hypertension is a part of growing older, as people start growing families and all sorts of tension build around them. But in the very basic level of anatomy, hypertension is just an abnormality in the blood vessels. According to patient results in Wuhan, a low level of oxygen in the blood is natural for COVID-19 patients. The blood pressure, in reality, is not only a number. It is actually an indication of how many blood vessels work properly in a ratio.

Not every time will you see the symptoms of high blood pressure. So it is only normal to have yourself checked every now and then. Monitor your blood pressure in a regular interval.

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If everything goes according to plan your cases of hypertension will also go away. And along with it the risk of contracting Coronavirus also becomes less. During these periods of lockdown, maintain a healthy and fit lifestyle. Make sure to exercise daily, it will help free up your nerves and give you a clear mind.

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