Do you think you are safe from germs in your car? Research shows steering wheel is 3 times dirtier than your toilet!

Steering wheel

In the Coronavirus lockdown, the entire world is busy working from home. We are not using the car to go out on the road often. But, the steering wheel in our cars is basically bed for germs. The entire world neglects car cleanliness, especially the people of the United States. The following results show the reasons for a lack of car hygiene:

  1. The majority of the driver surveys do not include regular car cleaning.
  2. Almost 32% of the owners admit to having rarely cleaned their car.
  3. But it is even more shocking to find that 10% of people never clean their car. As a matter of fact, they never cleaned the car since buying. This is a point of concern. Their steering wheel must be dirtier than toilets.

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Why you should clean your steering wheel!

As far as the driving wheel of a car is concerned it needs regular cleaning. When you drive, you put your greasy and sweaty palms on the steering wheel. This incident happens for days, months, even for years. At times drivers drive while smoking. This means you are inhaling all of the germs directly from the wheel.

Here are some facts about an unhygienic steering wheel according to the CDC:

  • It is home to almost 600 million strains of bacterias.
  • It is 10 times dirtier than your regular cell phone.
  • But more so important it is 3 times dirtier than your average toilet.

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This makes your car more unclean than a public toilet. You might even catch deadly pandemics just by sitting in your car and touching the steering wheel. But it is not just the steering wheel that is dirty. Door handles, shift gear, handbrake, stereo, e.t.c. all are equally dirty.

Make sure to clean your car at regular intervals. Let us know what you think about this in the comment box below!

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