Zoom is helping Million of People to do Work from Home due to Coronavirus Outbreak


Zoom, a video conferencing app is helping keep millions connected during times of crisis. The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has seen a rise in the amount of work from home and other online activities. Schools and Colleges are promoting online classes and assignments. Presentations and meetings are all taking place virtually. All of this was possible because of Eric Yuan, the founder of Zoom.

The California based company has become a primarily social platform for millions of people. Even Zoom’s stocks spiked up in the Nasdaq exchange. The company has been garnering plenty of positive responses for helping out individuals in times of Coronavirus crisis.

Former Cisco vice president of engineering, Eric Yuan started Zoom in 2011 in order to “deliver happiness and bring teams together to get more done in a frictionless video environment.

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How does this app help to do work from home?

Zoom is simply designed, easy to use and serves multiple collaboration purposes.  The app is very helpful in terms of online meetings. Zoom allows users to mute themselves or shut their cameras during a conference call, and the presenter has the ability to show slides and share them with others. It is exciting to see people taking part in remote work.

The app is therefore very feature-rich. A lot of individuals hated to go to meetings, it was only gonna worsen online. But with Zoom, companies have encountered a new paradigm shift. Video conferencing has never been easier and the officials are loving it. For example, a video conference of 700 people can be divided into groups and then brought back together with the push of a button. It makes work easier.

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After the uneventful events of Coronavirus, the whole world had to figure out how to do work from home. For the majority of them, Zoom is the answer.

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