Zoom Video Communications

Zoom mistakes Led to the Hacking of Mac user’s Microphone and Camera at the Lockdown time!!

Zoom is Booming due to COVID-19

Zoom Video Communications

Information says that the Zoom flaw allows hackers to take control of a Mac user’s microphone and camera. We all know that due to COVID-19, coronavirus pandemic many people are working from home.

They all are depending on their laptops, smartphones and other technical items to do their job from home. They use many apps to attend a video conference. The famous among them all is Zoom, which helps to make video calls and to attend a video conference.
Due to this lockdown in many countries, the Zoom is booming. This company emerges 9 years ago due to its CEO Eris Yuan.

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Patrick Wardle, a Johns Hopkins computer science post-graduate billed as a former NSA hacker dropped the two previously undisclosed flaws on his blog Wednesday. Wardle says although the user-friendly zoom has become wildly popular during COVID-19 “It has rather dismal security and privacy track record.”

Wardle says the two bugs can be launched by a local attacker. That’s where someone has physical control of a vulnerable computer. Once exploited, the attacker can gain and maintain persistent access to the innards of a victim’s computer. They will allow them to install malware or spyware.

A spokeswoman for zoom told “We are actively investigating and working to address these issues. We are in the process of updating our installer to address one issue and will be updating our client to mitigate the microphone and camera issue.

Zoom Flaws and its impact on the New Zealand Government

The New Zealand National says meetings of top ministers should not be done through video link services of Zoom due to security concerns. Reports have emerged that flaws within Zoom’s security system could give hackers access to their target’s 0microphone and camera.

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National’s Government Communications Security Bureau and Security Intelligence Service spokesman Gerry Brownlee said Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has serious questions to answer about why Cabinet continues to use Zoom.

He wants the cabinet to switch to an alternate platform that is safe and secure. So Arden has decided not to share important information through video conference due to security reasons.

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