Zoom stooped sharing User Data with Facebook, Said that we were Unaware!

Zoom for OS

Zoom for iOS, the application that reported a real boom in downloads due to the Coronavirus emergency, the developers are running for cover.

After the criticisms and accusations of privacy violation for the sharing of user data with Facebook for advertising purposes by the platform, as discovered by the Motherboard survey that raised this criticality made public (Zoom did not specify nor the type of information shared, nor asked for consent, as required by current regulations), the company immediately took measures.

The developers are working on an update for the iOS version of the application, in which the SDK that sent the data to Facebook through the login function, which had been discovered by Motherboard in an analysis published on the web yesterday, will be removed.

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In a statement, a spokesman said Zoom was unaware that the SDK was collecting device data: ” initially we implemented the function to log in with Facebook using the Facebook SDK to give our users a way quick to log in. However, we recently realized that the SDK was collecting unnecessary data on the device. ”

The representative of the Menlo Park giant wanted to emphasize that the data collected by the SDK did not include any personal information, but ” rather the data on users’ devices such as the type and version of the operating system, the time zone, the model, the manager, screen size, processor and disk space. ”

Users were also recommended to update the app once the update becomes available.

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